All About Father Smoker

Dad, now I know what your tears were. About dreams, hopes and prayers
Now I’m learning, how to pretend in front of them, as if everything is all right
It turns out we are the same, just different time and story sheets
Thanks, you have taught me how to be a good ACTOR & Comedian so that people never know when we are crying, happy or wounded
I learned from you, about the meaning of succumbing, hiding tears, hiding the problems you embroidered so neatly
Sometimes you go away, not merely dodge, but I understand, you keep angry and keep it in jokes  I learned from you, the meaning of succumbing to differences, merely wanting wholeness even though I know, you are unhappy
Thanks Dad, for all the lessons you did not teach but I found them all in a time-cycle, it turns out we are alike, learning to be a true man
Forgive me, who once did not understand what a Wholeness means, it turns out we are the same, only the light-scattered candles *
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